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"SWAMP RATS" with guests "The Andeeks Roadshow" (Heartland, Florida)


A unique mix of blues, bluegrass, punk, folk and metal infused in a folk esq style of music. Folk with an edge is what most people say about Florida's "Phantom" folk band Swamp Rats.

City Newspaper, Rochester, New York-
"One genre couldn't even begin to describe Florida-based trio Swamp Rats. The style contains bits of modern train-hopping punk yet is heavily influenced by traditional bluegrass with folk underpinnings — uniquely blended with metal riffs and mucky Southern blues. Each musician plays multiple instruments, so you'll hear specks of acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, stomp box, washboard, and despondent lyrics of life experience and the road."


An ever evolving solo project with roots in many genres of music, ranging from folk and rock to blues and old country. Really, you should be the judge.


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