Make Music Day St. Louis Schedule

Friday, June 21, 2019



For reservations, please call 314-367-3744

Indoor Stage:

11 - 11:50am Jeff Chapman of Brother Jefferson Blues Band (Greenville, IL/St. Louis, MO)

12 - 12:50pm Richlove (Nashville, TN)

1 - 1:50pm Joe Metzka of Joe Metzka Blues Band (Belleville, IL/St. Louis, MO)

2 - 2:50pm Vendors of Substance featuring Richard Tralles & Carl Pandolfi (St. Louis, MO)

3 - 3:50pm Sharon “Bear” Foehner & Doug Foehner (St. Louis, MO)

4 - 4:50pm Ed Belling of Pik’N Lik’N Bluegrass Band (Washington, MO)

5 - 5:50pm Jack Ahlert & Joe Crutchfield of Blues City Swing (St. Louis, MO)

6 -6:50pm Brent Stewart (St. Louis, MO)

7 - 7:50pm Chance Stanley (Tupelo, MS)

8 - 8:50pm Walter Greiner & Paul Niehaus IV (St. Louis, MO)

9 - 9:50pm Tommy Halloran (St. Louis, MO)

10 - 10:50pm Annie & Ceci Rayburn (St. Louis, MO)

11 - 11:50pm Al Holiday of Al Holiday & the East Side Rhythm Band (Collinsville, IL/St. Louis, MO)

On the patio:

6 - 6:50pm Eldraco & Free Nation (St. Louis, MO)

7 - 7:50pm Bob Baker of Spotlight Magazine (St. Louis, MO)

8 - 8:50 pm Jazz Troubadours featuring Guy Cantonwine (O’Fallon, IL/St. Louis, MO)

9 - 9:50pm Alexandra Sinclair of the East Side Rhythm Band on the Grand Piano (provided by Jackson Pianos)

10 - 10:50pm Amy Hawkins of Robbie & the Rockin’ Fools on the Grand Piano (provided by Jackson Pianos)


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