- Opening Fare -

Tabasco Butter Shrimp15

Gulf shrimp smothered in rich Tabasco sauce. with French bread and lime

Crawfish Carolyn15

Louisiana crawfish tails. Brandy cream sauce. Parmesan. with French bread

 Muffaletta Olive Bruschetta13

House-recipe New Orleans olive salad. on toasted French bread

Shrimp Remoulade15

Chilled Louisiana shrimp. House-recipe remoulade. with French bread

Crispy Boudin Balls15

Fried Boudin pork sausage. Five Pepper Jelly. Cherry pickled cucumber

Mussels Sauvignon15

Atlantic Blue mussels. red wine tomato bouillon. with toasted French bread

Blue Crab Cakes17

Fire-roasted Jalapeno Aioli. Baby spinach. Lemon. Creole tomato

Broiled Crab Parmesan 15

Blue crab. butter. garlic. Parmesan. served with French bread and lime

Snow Crab Legs half pound 13 full pound 21

Served with seasoned garlic butter. lemon. French bread


- Salads -

Dressings are House-Recipe

Cafe Orleans  10

Baby spinach. strawberry. Mandarin orange. Black walnut. crumbled Feta. Red onion dressing

Bacon Vidalia Caesar  10

Whole Romaine. bacon. Parmesan. Roma tomato. House-made croutons. Vidalia dressing

Spinach Orange & Cinnamon  9

Baby spinach. crumbled Feta. Roma tomato. Mandarin orange. shaved Vidalia onion. Orange and Cinnamon dressing

add:  Grilled Chicken 6    Grilled Shrimp 7    Grilled Andouille Sausage 7

- Classics -

Championship Gumbo Half  15Full  22

Jumbo Gulf shrimp. Louisiana crawfish tails. grilled Andouille. Smoked sausage. chicken breast. classic blonde roux. served with Jasmine rice. French bread

Famous Red Beans & Rice Half  13  Full  19

Andouille sausage. house-cured steak. red wine. peppers. celery. onion. served with Jasmine rice. French bread

Chicken Saucisse Jambalaya Half  14  Full  20

Chicken tenderloin. Andouille sausage. Smoked sausage. holy trinity. creole tomato. red wine sauce. served with Jasmine rice and French bread

 Louisiana Crawfish Etouffee 22

  Peeled Louisiana crawfish tails. celery. onion. bell pepper. butter. cream. white wine. garlic. Cajun spices

Blue Crab Etouffee 22

Louisiana Blue crab. bell pepper. Vidalia onion. celery. garlic. white wine. butter. garnished with Snow crab leg

- Entrees -

Blackened Red Snapper  29

Red Snapper. sauce meuniere. with duck fat green beans. Jasmine rice.

Pan Roasted Duck Balsamique   28

Served medium rare. balsamic, orange, lemon zest reduction. Sautéed garlic ginger spinach.

Red potato. Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao and Bing Cherry Jam

Barbaque Shrimp & Smoked Grits   27

Wild Louisiana White shrimp. Hickory smoked grits. Goat cheese. Plantation Dark Rum. Pan sauce.  Buttermilk Beer fried Onion. Lemon 

Seared Scallops with Champagne Risotto   34

Sea Scallops. Superfino Arborio. Champagne. Shallots. Parmesan White Truffle Oil. 

Grand Marnier Jam 

Apple Cider Smoked Pork Chop   26

Seasonal Chutney. Red Potato smash with caramelized garlic. Pork belly and cider roasted Brussels Sprouts

Lobster Ravioli with French 75 Sauce   25

Sweet red pepper pasta. Thai basil. lemon. Cognac. butter. cream. caper. green onion. 

Creole tomato

- Sandwiches -

On French Baguette

Includes choice of side:

Jasmine rice. Dirty Rice. House-made Cole Slaw. Pomme Frites.

Strawberries and Mandarin Oranges

Bourbon Chicken15

Chicken tenderloin. sweet spicy bourbon sauce. baked. mozzarella. Parmesan. Creole tomato

Andouille B.L.T.  16

Spicy Andouille. Applewood Bacon. Heart of Romaine. Creole tomato. Mozzarella. Parmesan.  Charred Red Pepper and Garlic Mayo. side of Muffaletta olive salad

Sautéed Crawfish Melt16

Louisiana crawfish tail. celery. red bell pepper. onion. mozzarella. garlic. parmesan. butter. mayo. Crystal sauce. toasted French bread. Evangeline's cherry pickle

Char-grilled Shrimp with Sauce Ravigote16

Seasoned grilled Gulf Shrimp. Creole tomato. romaine lettuce. Vidalia onion. garlic-butter toasted French bread. Evangeline's cherry pickle

Cochon De Lait Po Boy16

Marinated slow roasted pork shoulder. Cajun spices. House-made sweet pickled cucumber. House-made Creole cole slaw. garlic-butter toasted French bread

'Who Dat' Creole Burger14 

Half pound burger. shaved Vidalia onion. romaine lettuce. Creole tomato. cherry pickle. butter toasted baguette

Served Open Face. Ladled with a scoop of House Red Beans  17

- Sweets & Coffee -

New Orleans Cheesecake8

with Seasonal Berry Sauce

Strawberries Jubilee9

Served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Flambéed tableside add5

Bananas Foster9

Served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Flambéed tableside add5

Flourless Chocolate Cake  8

Pinnacle Cake vodka sauce. strawberry

Bread Pudding  8

with Whiskey Sauce

Evangeline's Bourbon Pecan Pie  8

with house-made Caramel Sauce

Chicory Coffee  3

Cafe Au Lait  6

To Our Guests,
We prepare everything fresh daily using the finest Local ingredients and Gulf seafood available to us. Simple & Classic


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