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Jim Manley (Birthday Bash) Open to the Public !

Scream Trumpet Player Jim Manley of St Louis, Missouri has some of the most amazing high chops on the planet ! Jim Manley started playing trumpet in the 7th grade after the band director at school came around to each class asking if anyone wanted to sign up for band. No one in Jim Manley's family played any instruments and Jim found out at a young age he couldn't hit a whiffle ball with even the large red bat ... so, it seemed natural at the time for Jim to try a cornet. That was in 1967 and Herb Alpert was the real deal. Jim fell in love with music that very first year and was so into it he formed his first band by 1968 and played at several libraries and school concerts. Jim had a great band director in Ed Levinsky in high school and he really turned Jim on to the jazz trumpet greats. Jim continued playing in groups through high school and college. Jim was always putting groups together and trying out things he had written. Early on in Jim's trumpet experience he was self taught. Jim took a few lessons with Gordon Alt in the early 70's and then a few lessons with the great Bobby Shew.

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