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"Randy Erwin... has one of the most versatile, far-ranging voices this side of Bobby McFerrin."  Don Heckman - Los Angeles Times

Four nationally distributed and critically acclaimed CD's, music for several film scores , internationally distributed television commercials and television shows including the yodeling for Walt Disney's "Home on the Range."

performances on the BBC Radio and Television, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the ABC Radio Network, and National Public Radio

performances at The Library of Congress, Carnegie Hall , Queen Elizabeth Hall , Wembley Arena, The Strawberry Music Festival, The Live Oak Music Festival, The Kerrville Folk Festival, The New Orleans Jazz Festival, The Seattle International Children's Festival, The Ravinia Festival, as The Artist in Residence at Grand Canyon, and at night clubs and folk festivals all over South Korea, Great Britain, Canada, and the United States
A winner of the Dallas Observer's best vocalist, best country and western, best world beat, best jazz, best avant garde, and best classical music awards

"His tone is pure and clear and his voice is unpretentious but endearing, whether singing or yodeling."
Bob Clayptool - Houston Post

"Sliding into his upper registers, he turns vocal toe loops with dizzying clarity, precision and speed."
Holly Gleason - Musician Magazine

"Erwin has a clear and facile voice that's really quite amazing..."
Barry Tarlton - Austin Chronicle
"What's intriguing about Erwin is his ability to fluidly slide his country croon through a plethora of local and non-local musical hybrids."
Cathy Ragland - Option Magazine
" of the most distinctive voices being recorded today."
Matt Weitz - The Dallas Morning News
"Erwin has a wonderful virtuostic technique..."
Bart Becker - Seattle Weekly
"...that wild voice, sounding like a combination of Tarzan, a trickling brook and Comanche war yelp, will knock your socks off."
Cammy Blackstone - San Francisco Weekly
"...singing and yodeling with all the smoothness of a stretch of open road at dawn."
Cliff Radel - Cincinnati Enquirer
"It's difficult to fully describe how unlikely an experience listening to Randy Erwin's seamlessly yodeled renditions of faded-made-fresh melodies is, how unlikely an experience Randy Erwin is, and how unlikely is the depth and resonance of satisfaction yielded by that experience."
Tom Maurstad - Dallas Observer
"We're smitten."
CMJ Music Report

Later Event: March 9

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